Fact: Many masks can be reused, but not all methods work

Note: You must know that, in a normal situation, health authorities recommend to renew the surgical masks approximately every 4 hours and the respirators (N95, FFP2, etc.) every 8 hours. All of them are considered single-use.
The methods described in this article are appropriate for an emergency, like the one we live in, in which there are not enough masks for everyone. The information I show here is based on recent scientific papers. I hope it will be useful, given the lack of masks.
If you decide to recycle your masks, you should read the post carefully and follow the guidelines as shown. Any action you take upon the information presented here is strictly at your own risk. …


María I. Tapia

María I. Tapia holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with broad experience in basic and applied research.

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